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Our Scorecard and local rules

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Local Rules

  • OUT OF BOUNDS: Over all fences, railings and white posts bounding the course: the fields to the right of the 10thand 12th Holes. The Par 3 Course left of the 18th. The Driving Range right of the 1st and 2nd holes. In the interestof safety balls may not be retrieved from the driving range.
  • PATHS AND PONY TRACKS: Are part of the course except that relief may be obtained: RIGHT of 1st and 2nd:LEFT of 3rd: behind 4th, 9th AND 10th. All these are immovable obstructions and Rule 24.2 applies.All shuttered paths by definition immovable obstructions and relief may be taken under Rule 24.2.
  • IMMOVABLE OBSTRUCTIONS (Rule 24.2): Includes fixed sprinkler and irrigation covers, fixed course furnituree.g. notice boards, the bell support, temporary tee mats, fixed seats, wooden rails, greenkeepers equipment,props supporting a tree or branch, the portaloo and the concrete well-head on the 18th fairway.
  • STAKED OR PROTECTED TREES: A ball lying within two clubs lengths of a staked tree MUST be lifted anddropped, without penalty, within one club length, of the nearest point of relief not nearer the hole under Rule 24.2b.
  • STONES IN BUNKERS: Are moveable obstructions under Rule 24.1.
  • GROUND UNDER REPAIR: Relief MUST be taken under Rule 25.1.
  • 16th HOLE: Please play to the red flag.

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