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Responsible management of our forestry
Cowdray Forestry Department

Forestry Department

The Estate is centred around Midhurst in West Sussex and extends to about 7,500 hectares, of which 36% is woodland, three times the national average.

Conifers form 53%, broadleaf high forest 25%, Chestnut coppice 14% with the other 8% being made up of shrub and bare areas etc.


The main conifer species are Douglas Fir, Norway Spruce, Corsican Pine and Scots Pine, which between them account for 90%, with the remaining 10% made up of Larch, Hemlock, Cedar and other firs. The Broadleaves are Oak and Ash on the heavier soils with Beech being mostly confined to the chalk of the Downs.

Cowdray Estate forestry

The Cowdray forestry team in action


The primary object of management is the production of quality timber from woods that have a well-managed look and can also provide benefits for wildlife. The chief means of attaining our goal as far as timber is concerned is through thinnings.

There is currently an annual clearfell and replanting programme of 20 hectares and an annual thinning programme of 170 hectares. The average annual timber production over the past five years has been 10,000 cubic metres.


Oak leaves

Following our recent purchase of a mobile bandsaw we are now able to supply sawn timber such as gate posts, sleepers, boards & slabwood. We specialise in sawing larch and Douglas Fir, two species noted for their natural durability.

The Cowdray Estate supplies Sawn Softwood timber from our Estate, near Midhurst, West Sussex, the main species being Larch, Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar. Sleepers, cladding, feather-edged boards, fencing, carcassing etc. 2-6m lengths.


For further information please contact our Forest Manager, Richard Everett at the Estate Office 01730 812423 or use our online enquiry form

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