Bear Grylls at Cowdray

Exciting Year ahead for the Bear Grylls Team

The Bear Grylls Survival Academy has been running courses on the Cowdray Estate since 2017 and 2019 promises to be another exciting year for Bear’s team at Cowdray. The Estate was chosen for its varied terrain, including dense woodland, a long stretch of the River Rother, lakes and steep difficult ground. Students find themselves in the thick of it, navigating, foraging, exploring and surviving amidst the picturesque backdrop of the South Downs. The number of courses offered by Bear’s team has steadily grown over time. They appeal to explorers of all ages, with the family course proving popular.

For those seeking a challenging foray into the world of survival, the Primal Survival Course places adult students in the wilderness from the first hour and teaches numerous life-saving skills to get them back to civilisation. Learning to improvise and maintain a cool head under pressure come first and foremost, before expanding numerous skills like wilderness first aid and the navigation of harsh terrain over the course of 24 hours. In addition, the Primal Survival Family Adventure is an ideal bonding experience for every member of the family, parents and children, teaching both how to engage in Bear’s own ethos of ‘Self-Rescue’ over two days. Myriad trials await those who undertake these programs, from river crossings to reliable knots, from shelter building to snare-setting.

For those keen to dip their toes into the idea of wilderness survival the Wild Camp course may be more appealing. Operating at an introductory level, this dynamic 18-hour overnight course is packed with essential skills. The Wild Camp course offers camouflage, navigation, wild food preparation, signal fires and stalking animal runs, an exciting preview of what survivalists can aspire to. Courses like these presented by the Academy works hard to instil their knowledge and an attitude toward team-building in their students, built upon the high standards of the instructors.

If you are looking for a unique outdoor survival experience for your team, your family or friends, the Bear Grylls Survival Academy offers a custom course tailor made for your group and designed to satisfy the specific needs and interests of your party. With plenty of outdoor space on the estate, these custom made courses offer fun team building days undertaking a range of survival themed challenges to be enjoyed by all.

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For more in-depth information on the various opportunities presented by the Bear Grylls Survival Academy at Cowdray, follow the link here.


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