Cheese of the Month

Isle of Mull

In 1979 Jeff and Chris Reade moved from Somerset to Sgriob-ruadh (pronounced ‘Ski-Brua’) a derelict farm just outside the small town of Tobermory on the Isle of Mull. With their sons they built a working farm including cow housing, a milking parlour and cheesemaking room and cellars. Now in the the third generation is in training.

The family is proud to be one of the island’s largest employers. The dairy, bakery and houses are powered by a hydroelectric plant (that took them fifteen years to construct), a wind turbine, and log burners, they use a truly sustainable and holistic way to produce cheese. Cows are fed on a diet of hay, silage and spent grain husks, known as draff, from the distillery in Tobermory a mile or so away. Over the years the cheese has matured with flavours that range from sweet and boozy to rich, savoury, and mellow.

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