Coq au Vin Recipe Card

New Recipe Card for the Spring

With another month comes another recipe from the minds of our talented Chefs in the busy kitchen at Cowdray Cafe. A traditionally french classic, our Coq au Vin combines the rich deliciousness of a fine red wine marinade with the charm of a simple, rustic presentation.  This is perfect for preparation in advance for serving to friends, dinner parties, or even a quiet evening in with the people you love after a long day of work and stress.

With the current closure of the Farm Shop for its 10th anniversary refurbishment, these recipes cards can be picked up at the Cowdray Cafe, and once the shop opens all of the ingredients listed will be readily available, so check back with us upon our reopening on Saturday 30th March.

We would love to see how your creations turn out and how well they went down! Tag us with #cowdrayrecipecard on our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for next months mouth-watering recipe.

Download the recipe card here


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