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Sussex and surrounding counties have a great range of producers and we are proud to work with the very best artisans whose products range from fabulous sparkling wines to divine chocolates. Here are just a few:

Langham Brewery – Based on the Cowdray Estate near Lodsworth, this independent micro-brewery supplied us with a range of their beers including our own Cowdray Ale which is available to buy in both the Shop and Farm Shop Café.

Upperton – This family run vineyard is based up the road from Cowdray and is dedicated to producing a range of delicious sparkling wines. Our favourite is their Rosé blush, ‘Erubesco’, perfect to serve at any celebration.

Charlie’s Trout – The fish are raised in the beautiful crystal clear waters of Hampshire’s world famous chalk rivers. The team at Charlie’s smoke the fish up to 16 hours using the finest sawdust from green Wiltshire oak before it’s packed and delivered to us.

Pegler Honey – Dave Pegler works for Cowdray Parks and Gardens department. He keeps bees on his small mixed orchard at his home near Chichester where he leaves his bees plenty of honey over the winter so he never needs to feed them sugar syrup – unlike most bee keepers. Neither does he heat or process his honey in any way meaning what is in his jar is delicious honey just as the bees make it!

The Hungry Guest – Provide us with artisan bread, made slowly and traditionally, enhancing flavour in a natural way.

Wobblegate – Makers of great apple juices and ciders and based at Bolney in the heart of Sussex. We’ve recently introduced our own brand apple juice, made by our fruity friends at Wobblegate.

We are seeking more local producers of fruit and vegetables, in a drive to reduce food miles and support the local economy. If you are a producer, please get in touch with us.

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Cowdray Express

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  • Sunday and Bank Holidays9.00am - 3.00pm
  • Easter SundayClosed

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