Cowdray Tree Planting 2019

Cowdray’s comprehensive tree planting programme in 2019

A comprehensive tree planting programme to replace trees which have been felled for timber production has taken place across the Cowdray Estate this winter with a total of 61,700 trees being planted to include 11 different species.

A total area of 18.12 hectares have been replanted across the Estate with sites including Todham Roughs, Minepits near Fernhurst and Great Common near the A286 North of Easebourne.

Head Forester Richard Everett said: “Cowdray Woods has a long-term commitment to sustainable forest management. Managing the woods in a sensitive and sustainable way brings economic benefits as timber is provided to local markets which helps to create jobs.

“The wildlife also benefits as the rotational clear felling of mature timber provides excellent habitat for ground nesting birds, and reptiles also benefit from having sunny areas of open woodland.”

The woods are prepared for planting in the autumn and then the trees are planted by hand over the winter, finishing by early spring. Most trees planted are Norway spruce and Douglas fir; however Oriental spruce has also been planted for the first time.

Although all the trees that Cowdray plant are grown in the UK, the seed comes from sources all around the world and are chosen to suit future climate predictions. For example, this year the Douglas fir has been sourced from Washington in America and the Norway spruce comes from an improved seed stand in Sweden.

These species are suitable for the sites and will produce good quality timber for future generations.

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