Cowdray’s Virtual Wellbeing Programme

Introducing… Cowdray’s Virtual Wellbeing Programme

Wellbeing is integral to Cowdray’s ethos and values and has been championed on the Estate for many years.  It is positively promoted throughout the Estate’s thriving and diverse businesses and is very much directed by Lord and Lady Cowdray’s advocacy of such lifestyle choices.

Following the great success of our Wellbeing events held at Cowdray House over recent years, we are now delighted to introduce our Virtual Cowdray Wellbeing Programme.

The programme will include a series of free events from live talks with inspirational speakers such as Colm Holland and Satish Kumar and informative ‘Talking Points’ by practicing therapists at Cowdray’s Therapy Rooms. Topics from therapists include nutritional therapy, clinical psychology, physiotherapy and osteopathy, to name a few.

A variety of classes including power yoga, bite-size movement breaks, qigong and Pilates will also feature with teachers from Cowdray Hall.

Cowdray Hall and Cowdray’s Therapy Rooms provide a focal point for all areas of self-development.  The Hall hosts inspiring workshops and events as well as weekly classes and one-to-one therapy sessions which can be enjoyed by both local groups and the wider community.


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