Wellbeing Day

Cowdray’s Wellbeing Day

A thought provoking and inspiring wellbeing event was held on the Cowdray Estate on Saturday 29th February bringing together a host of influential speakers at a time when the importance of mental health and nutrition is so widely acknowledged.

Over 150 people gathered in Buck Hall at the heart of Cowdray House to listen to four eminent speakers: author, journalist and podcaster Elizabeth Day, teacher of lucid dreams Charlie Morley, Miguel Toribio- Mateas, an expert in nutrition and biotechnology, and Strength Coach and Nutritionist Gus Olds.

Elizabeth Day talked about all the things she has learnt from failure and about how success can come from failure. Charlie Morley explored lucid dreaming, Miguel Toribio-Mateas spoke on the link between mental health and the gut and Gus Olds on stress and managing your lifestyle.

The audience were captivated by the speakers, and their chosen topics of health, nutrition and the importance of a balanced and contented mind.

The day was expertly compered by Gillian Higgins, a leading international criminal barrister and meditation teacher, and there was music by Tobiah. Meditation was led by Cornelius O’Shaughnessy and guests were also able to taste Cowdray Kefir made on the Estate.

Cowdray’s Chief Executive Jonathan Russell said: “This is the third wellbeing event to take place at Cowdray House and we are absolutely delighted that the day went so well, and that the audience were so engaged with the speakers.

“Wellbeing comes in so many different guises and this was reflected in the depth and breadth of what the speakers talked about – from nurturing our mind to create a strong sense of mental wellbeing to the importance of food and diet and how looking after your health is key.

“Wellbeing has been championed on the Cowdray Estate for many years and is very much directed by Lord and Lady Cowdray’s advocacy of such lifestyle choices. We believe that our Wellbeing Event is important as it allows people to hear speakers talk about lifestyle choices, and from that they can implement changes to their own way of life if they so choose.”

The event took place at Cowdray House, which is located at the heart of the 16,500-acre Cowdray Estate in the South Downs National Park. The House’s tranquil environment, elegant reception rooms and stunning private landscaped grounds perfectly complemented the tone of the Wellbeing Day.

Wellbeing is positively promoted throughout the Estate’s thriving and diverse businesses. Cowdray Hall and Cowdray’s Therapy Rooms provide a focal point for self-development. The hall hosts inspiring workshops and events as well as weekly classes which can be enjoyed by both local groups and the wider community.

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