A day of Chanting and Meditation

Cowdray Hall

A day of Chanting and Meditation with Caroline Harper.

This takes place at Cowdray Hall on Saturday 12th January, 2019 from 10.45am to 4.45pm.

Come and give yourself the time and space to restore and replenish your reserves – mind, body and spirit, after the demands of Christmas.

Meditation calms the central nervous system, lowers the blood pressure, relaxes the muscles and gives the mind a holiday from all its everyday concerns.

Chanting hugely enhances and supports the benefits of meditation. It recharges our batteries and soothes our souls. Chanting sacred sounds and syllables together, in a group, dissolves negative thinking and aligns us with our hearts. It brings joy and well being to our whole system.

There will also be some very gentle yoga so that our bodies can share the joy!

No singing experience is necessary to enjoy the day.

Please feel free to email Caroline with any enquries – ambersham@hotmail.co.uk


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