A day of Meditation and Chanting

Cowdray Hall

Sound and Silence: A Day of Meditation and Chanting

This day of Chanting and Meditation will offer us all an opportunity to really nourish ourselves – to be with our own hearts –  to tune and tone our body-mind while giving ourselves the opportunity to express parts of our being that normally stay silent.

We may perhaps feel drawn to drop in questions like “What do I most long to experience, express and contribute in the months ahead?”  What are my deepest heart’s desires? How can I learn to trust that Life/Love is organising around my personal and spiritual fulfilment – and how might that relate to my soul’s purpose? Finally, how might my own transformation serve the Earth at this catalytic time of upheaval and change?

When we drop questions like these into the Wishing Well of our own Being – without pushing for an answer from our busy heads – but being prepared to leave the questions alive in our hearts – in trust – the answers are inevitably drawn to us in their own time.

Chanting is said to magnify our Intentions and, like Meditation, greatly aids in surrendering our minds in service to our deepest Heart knowing. Said to be the ‘Sweetest and most Powerful of Spiritual Practices’ in these troubled times, Chanting helps to open our hearts, connecting us to ourselves, each other and our own sacred Presence. It helps to dissolve negative emotions and opens us up to the Love and Joy that is our true nature.

The day will take place in the chapel at Cowdray Hall and will run from 10.45am – 4.45pm. Refreshments will be provided. Please bring lunch to share, or just for yourself. Cost £45 for the day.

No singing experience is necessary, I do hope you can join me!

Contact Caroline Shakerley via email on:  ambersham@hotmail.co.uk

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