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Chanting and Toning with Caroline Shakerley

Cowdray Hall

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Chanting and Toning still the mind, open the heart and feed the soul.

This practice is both relaxing and energising. Everything is vibration and the vibration of chant harmonises the mind, body and spirit. It also stimulates the vagus nerve – a major nerve in the mind/body complex – responsible for health and well-being. Participants are left uplifted, with feelings of peace and joy.

Caroline is a very experienced teacher, who has been holding chanting groups since 1999. Her style is warm and accessible. She loves to see people thrive and blossom into all they can be – able to express, through singing, that which is often unspoken in their hearts.

‘This is the best hour of the week – nothing awakens my soul quite like chanting!’ Emma Plunkett

‘Wonderful, amazing experience – I will never stop doing this! I left feeling a deep release – relaxing yet joyous.’ Jenny Simmons

No singing experience is necessary. There is an African saying – ‘If you can walk you can dance – if you can talk you can sing.’

Everyone is warmly welcome. To book, please email Caroline at ambersham@hotmail.co.uk

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