Chanting Workshop

Cowdray Hall

Chanting – Singing the Mind back into the Heart

Caroline Harper has been facilitating chant groups for 20 years.

Chanting belongs to the Bhakti yoga tradition – one of the four arms of Yoga – the arm of devotion – said to be the ‘sweetest way.’ It is a practice of sung meditation or sung prayer and will quieten the mind and bring it into alignment with the heart in one of the easiest and most joyful of ways.

Chanting combines all the mental and physical health benefits of both singing and meditation – it regulates our breath, calms our central nervous system and lowers blood pressure – meanwhile invigorating the whole body.

It both relaxes and rejuvenates while opening us to the sacred dimension of life. It is an aid to self-expression, which, in turn, builds confidence.

No previous singing experience is necessary. All are welcome.

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