Chillout Retreat

Cowdray Hall

Chillout Retreat

A Chillout Retreat takes place at Cowdray Hall on Saturday 5th October and Sunday 6th October.

Two days will be dedicated to furthering your practice in mixed ability (yes beginners are welcome but we do recommend some experience in yoga) hatha, vinyasa, yin and restorative yoga and pranayama. There will also be guided mindfulness meditations, asana clinics, walks and soundbaths as well as nutritious and delicious food that detoxifies and nourishes the body.  

Those taking part should experience and benefit from a ‘oneness’  a true community style feel on these day retreats with enough space for individual calm and contemplation.  It will be a truly inspiring, healing and heavenly experience on earth.

What is included:

  • Mindfulness meditation sessions
  • Vegetarian, nutritional rich lunch
  • Teas and refreshments throughout the day
  • One 120 minute master class
  • One 30 minute asana clinic
  • One 60 minute yin & restorative yoga class
  • One 30 minute yoga nidra meditation
  • Sound bath session – gongs and Tibetan singing bowls


  • 09.30  Arrivals & welcome drinks
  • 10.00   Mindfulness meditation session with Natalie
  • 10.45   Master class with George  
  • 13.00   Lunch with Lucie
  • 14.00   Sound bath with ‘serenity through sound’
  • 15.30   Asana clinic with George
  • 16.00   Teas and refreshments
  • 16.30   Yin & restorative yoga with Natalie
  • 17.30   Yoga nidra meditation with Natalie
  • 18.00   Close

This is a one off, exclusive weekend of yoga and well being immersion where we proudly combine the teachings of George William Landon from Vikasa, Koh Samui with Natalie Smit-Ash, founder of Chillout Retreat coupled with the delicious culinary creations from Lucie Simon, nutritionist and retreat chef.

These day retreats are designed to rejuvenate, refresh and inspire you. They can be enjoyed as a single or as a two day retreat.

The cost for the retreat is as follows:

Saturday 5th October – £150 per person

Sunday 6th October – £150 per person

Two days – £250 per person

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