Dance of Awareness

Cowdray Hall

Dance of Awareness Class at Cowdray Hall on Friday 26th April.

Dance of Awareness™ is a group dance practice which aims to increase self-awareness and self-acceptance. It is a great way to get into your body, release stuck energy, express and connect. There are no steps to learn and all are welcome.

Each Dance of Awareness session follows a cycle which reflects major themes of human development — sensing, grounding, expressing, releasing and connecting. Dance of Awareness grew from several influences, notably body and dance centred psychotherapies, Five Rhythms, and Authentic Movement. With regular practice it can be a valuable resource for promoting wellbeing, presence and self-awareness.

This session starts at 7.30pm at Cowdray Hall, and costs £10 per class.

Bring a bottle of water and wear something comfortable, bearing in mind we may be lying on the floor for part of the session.

The sessions are run by Marcus who is a licensed DoA facilitator, Alexander Teacher and Body Psychotherapist.

Further Friday sessions will take place at Cowdray Hall on Friday 17th May and Friday 21st June.


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