Dance of Awareness

Cowdray Hall

Join us for an evening of movement, music self-expression and deep connection.

Dance of Awareness is a group dance practice which offers a profound exploration of what it is to be in a body, to move from inner awareness and to connect deeply with ourselves and others. There are no steps to learn, no judgment and no expectations. If you like 5 rhythms, biodanza, contact improvisation or similar you will most likely enjoy this! Beginners to this type of dance practice are also very welcome.
The DoA cycle — sensing, grounding, expressing, releasing, connecting and completing — allows us to revisit our early body history, to celebrate the embodied patterns that make us unique, and discover new ways of being who we are. As we move and breathe together, we open more fully to self-awareness and a wider consciousness of our place in the world.
The next class is Friday 16th November from 7.30pm and costs £10. Loose clothing is recommended.
To sign up, contact Marcus James Sly by

Each Dance of Awareness session follows a cycle which reflects major themes of human development — sensing, grounding, expressing, releasing and connecting. Dance of Awareness grew from several influences, notably body and dance centred psychotherapies, Five Rhythms, and Authentic Movement. With regular practice it can be a valuable resource for promoting wellbeing, presence and self-awareness.

Bring a bottle of water and wear something comfortable, bearing in mind we may be lying on the floor for part of the session.

The sessions are run by Marcus who is a licensed DoA facilitator, Alexander Teacher and Body Psychotherapist.

Further Friday sessions will take place at Cowdray Hall on 26th April, 17th May and 21st June.

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