Flemish Workshop

Flemish Painting Techniques of the 15th century – mixed technique of egg tempera and oil.

This course will be taking place at Cowdray House Studio NOT the Tower Room.

During this five day Renaissance Painting Workshop workshop students will explore the traditional painting materials and techniques used by Flemish and Italian masters of the 15th century. Artists of this period combined the two mediums of egg tempera and oil, integrating the virtues of both mediums into their paintings. The works of Van Eyck, Van Der Weyden and Antonello De Messina bare witness to profound beauty and durability which this technique offers.

Students will be guided through the various stages of the work as practised by artists of this period. From transferring the design onto a traditional gesso panel; creating an egg tempera underpainting; tonal composition (chiaroscuro) and the application of colour in oil using traditional glazing mediums.This technique of combining egg tempera and oil paint gives the colours a jewel-like quality, combining the luminosity of egg tempera beneath with the richness and depth achieved through the use of hand ground oil paints.

The workshop will include instructions in the traditional method of preparing egg tempera from the yolk of an egg and mixing with pigments, learning about the different plant oils and their properties and how these are mixed and ground with pigment to make oil paint.

The workshop is designed for students of all levels of experience, from beginners to professional artists.

The cost for the 5 day workshop is £400 and includes materials. Places are limited to 10 students.

Cowdray House Studio
Cowdray Park
West Sussex
GU29 0AY

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