Immersion Workshops

Cowdray Hall

Scaravelli inspired yoga Immersion workshops.

These workshops take place at Cowdray Hall on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th June from 10.15am until 1.15pm.

The cost is £80.

During this time, the relationship between rest, gravity and our true core will be explored developing a deep sense of kinship. As this unfolds, one begins to see how the body and the breaths inform our experience of self.

Over the two days your experience of breath will change with its integral role becoming clear. As out attention sharpens and holding patterns unravel we begin to take up our bodies intelligence and our movements become fully integrated rather than fragmented and a new sense of freedom will be experienced.

The concept of beginners mind will be come an integral part of the practice as with playful curiosity we find ourselves moving effortlessly into postures that might have previously kept us bound. The result is a practice that helps us feel integrated, light and free.

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