Alexander Technique Workshop

Cowdray Hall

Introductory Alexander Technique Workshop

An Introductory Alexander Technique Workshop with Ellie Rouse takes place on Saturday 8th June from 2pm to 4pm at Cowdray Hall.

The cost is £40 per person.

The Alexander technique has been taught worldwide for over 100 years.

It is a practical technique that involves recognising long established habits that get in the way of easier movement. You will learn to recognise the habits that cause stiffness, pain and tension with simple techniques that go far beyond improving your posture.

Please join Ellie for a few hours of exploration, observation and a few laughs at how we make being a human so complicated.

The workshop will be practical and involve very simple movement – sitting, standing, walking. Wear loose, comfortable clothing be aware we will be working on the floor for some of the workshop. The workshop is suitable for anyone and everyone.

There will be a 10 per cent discount for a first lesson for anyone attending the workshop.

Please contact Ellie for further details and to book a place, either by phone on 07968 964523 or email


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