‘Just Let Go’

Cowdray Hall

Weekend Meditation Retreat

Perfect for those who can’t find the time to take a whole week out for retreat, these workshops are an introduction to the teachings that Burgs offers on his signature 7 day meditation retreats, whilst being surrounded by some England’s finest countryside.

Whether you just want to come and try something new that can help show you how to find some peace and happiness in your life, or whether you have already sat one of our 7 day meditation retreats with Burgs and wish to ‘plug’ back in, these non-residential weekends are a wonderful opportunity to relieve stress, regain clarity and have some time out from your busy schedule.

The weekend is both fun and dynamic, and yet the teachings and practices introduced over these two days are both deeply rewarding and healing. They will usually include a mixture of sitting meditation and chi kung, with the combination varying depending on the group. You will work to settle and still your mind and body, by clearing out any accumulated mental, emotional and physical energy that might be creating dysfunction and disharmony in our lives.

Every workshop is uniquely tailored for each group, and the teachings shared vary from weekend to weekend. The workshop can be attended by all ages, and there is no need for any previous knowledge of either meditation or chi kung. Many students attending are interested in further investigating the very popular field of ‘Mindfulness’ which has become synonymous with modern life.

If you are thinking about joining one of the 7day Art of Meditation retreats, but are not sure that you are ready, then these workshops are a great opportunity to help you decide. Most people who are already interested in joining a 7day retreat and attend a workshop, generally decide to join a retreat to further explore the teachings shared.

Duration: 2 days ( Non-Residential )

Level: All Levels Welcome

Venue: Cowdray Hall, Midhurst, West Sussex

Deposit: £40 to confirm booking

Total Price: £120 (incl. deposit).

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