Mindfulness in Stillness and Movement

Cowdray Hall

Mindfulness in Stillness and Movements Retreat Day

Join Kim Lovelace and Sandrine Cranswick for a day of Meditation and Qigong, bringing together the benefits of these practices in a one day workshop.

This takes place on Saturday 8th February from 11am to 5pm.

This nurturing day combines mindfulness meditations, a guided woodland walking meditation and gentle movements from the Qigong tradition. Participants are held and guided in a safe space and noble silence – slowly softening tensions, releasing, and settling mind and body.

This enables our senses to be fully present and for us to explore inner and outer experiences with the mindful approach.

Kim is an experienced qigong practitioner, teacher and workshop leader. Sandrine is a fully trained and experienced mindfulness teacher and supervisor.

Please book here 

Or contact Sandrine either by mobile 07976 751559 or via email: sb.cranswick@gmail.com

Or Kim on 07989 598375 or on his email: shiatsukim@gmail.com

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