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One Day Seasonal Yoga Retreat

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With 500 hr RYT Yoga and mindfulness teacher Laura Wills and 300 hr RYT and Master practitioner of NLP Nigel Bird

Yoga partnership Laura and Nigel have designed one Day Seasonal Yoga retreats for the wellbeing centre at Cowdray Hall. Together they facilitate a safe, warm and welcoming retreat space which is a haven for those needing time to reflect, heal or gain guidance through change or transitional periods. The retreat is therapeutic environment, offering tools and space for spiritual growth and an opportunity for finding ways we can be more harmony with the natural vitality all around us.


What is Seasonal Yoga?

Seasonal Yoga is a beautiful practice inspired by ancient Chinese and Indian health systems and is a gentle practice for all abilities specifically designed to send energy flowing through the meridian lines (energy pathways of the body). Seasonal Yoga combines both a gentle yoga practice with Qi-gong. From a physical view point the practice re-vitalizes our systems and organs which have energies corresponding to different seasons of the year – putting the mind and body where it is supposed to be – in harmony with nature. By making Seasonal Yoga and mindfulness an integral part of our lives we will be protecting our health and enhancing our energy.

In todays fast-paced world Seasonal Yoga offers us a counterbalance with education of nature’s timings, rhythms and natural cycles.

In Early Summer the energy is expanding, we are working with the element of Fire and the sense of touch.

Experience energising yoga during Early Summer which is suitable for beginners too!  Laura will be guiding you through a slightly higher energy of Yang Yoga – which will leave you feeling energised and strong. Early summer is a time to challenge ourselves a little in yoga while, whilst maintaining calm and joy without burn out. Like the mythical Phoenix the summer energy can also allow us to cleanse and then recreate ourselves out of the ashes.

The physical focus will also be on strengthening the circulatory system and supporting the heart and small intestine which aids the adequate absorption of nutrients. Our practice will help to balance emotional expression and encourage self awareness.

We will also be working on strengthening the fascia or fabric of the body, which is vital for it not only regulates your internal body temperature but keeps your organs in place so they can function properly and allow vital communication between every cell in the body.

Early Summer meditation and mindfulness focuses on the heart, exploring how we feel about ourselves, others and our life situation. We learn to be more aware and conscious about our thoughts and feelings and the impact they have on your body and your life. When we approach each situation with compassion and kindness it can change our lives!

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is all about working with nature and the seasons, utilising the energy field that pervades all things in a way that disregards linear time and seeks to regain information and insight, harnessing the ability to span time, to gain meaning to our spirits and hearts purpose.

Nature is communicating with us on many levels in a very real way, on both a physical level and a cellular level. The energy emanating from all things and originating from the light of the sun, is available for us to work with. We ask for blessings by the energy of the four winds, the great spirit, and mother earth; using natural relaxation methods, drumming and journeying, where you may meet your power animals who could give you inspirations and insight into many aspects of your life, both this life, past lives and even future lives’.

One Day Retreat

This beautiful one day well-being retreat offers time for self-reflection, soul healing, seasonal yoga and mindfulness combined with Shamanic healing approaches.

This seasonal retreat will include:

  • 2 Seasonal Yoga Workshops including mindfulness, relaxation and meditation
  • Guidelines with your personal practice
  • 2 Shamanic workshops
  • Meditation and visualisation sessions
  • Wellbeing tools for life


9.30am: Introductions

9.45am: Seasonal Yoga and meditation ~ session 1

10.45: Refreshments

11.15: Intro to shamanism

12.30: Lunch

13.30: Seasonal Yoga Nidra ( Deep relaxation)

14.30: Walk to local woods

15.00: Seasonal Yoga and meditation ~ session 2 16.00:Shamanic journey

17.30: Grounding, chat, closing ceremony and refreshments before you leave

Cost: £125 ( Lunch included )

Contact: lauraseasonalyoga@gmail.com

Tel:  07909851992


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