Rwanda Revealed

Cowdray Hall

Adventurer William Tucker is holding a talk at Cowdray Hall on Friday 20th October on his experiences of visiting Rwanda.

Rwanda, too often defined by it’s past and the events of 1994 is now taking it’s place on the international scene. Acting as beacon of hope on the African continent it has defied all predictions. But what is the country like to visit?

With a mountain bike in tow, and packing only the absolute essentials; William Tucker encountered many adventures in July this year. In search of the Congo Nile Trail, little did he know what Rwanda would reveal.

Travelling through breathtaking scenery, witnessing a country firmly on the move, it’s people at the heart of this development. Not without criticism however; William was in country during the three week electoral campaigning period, which was under much scrutiny from Western media.

From the white sand shores of Lake Kivu to the jungle hill’s of Volcanoes National Park, this talk will provide a first hand account of Rwanda in 2017. With photographs and moving testimony it is sure to provide an insightful evening. Anyone in search of new cycling adventures are particularly encouraged to attend.

Free entry.

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