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‘Summer Radiance’ Day Retreat. Shine – Glow – Inspire

Cowdray Hall

A Day Retreat with Scaravelli Yoga, Aromatherapy, Healing & Ayurveda. Uncover your vital inner radiance and find balance throughout the exhilarating, and sometimes intense, energy of summer.

This is a day of self love, learning and inspiration where you will discover how to bring balance to your whole being during the season of Fire with its increase in heat, activity and longer days.

Our inspiring and nourishing day will include:

* Cooling & Balancing Scaravelli yoga practices & breathwork

* Guided massage with bespoke Cooling Summer aromatherapy blend

* Calming Crystal healing

* Delicious, lovingly prepared Ayurvedic lunch and refreshments

* Inspiring Ayurvedic “sadhana” (practices) to learn to use at home in both the kitchen and daily life to stay harmonised.

* Deeply relaxing Yoga Nidra

* Wellbeing Gift Pack to include yoga nidra recording, recipes & bespoke aromatherapy oil

* Small group to allow for individual attention and deeper learning

Book via www.orendawellbeing.co.uk/events


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