The Healing InSight Course

Cowdray Hall

Healing InSight Self-Help Belief Change Training

Identify and effectively re-program your limiting beliefs, to heal, align and manifest your possibility.

Join Nikki Gresham-Record to learn how to identify limiting beliefs and re-align vibrationally with beliefs that support the development of your true self and potential.

Oriented around the Chakra System, the Healing InSight beliefs bring mind body spirit coherence for a brighter relationship with self, other and the world at large.

Date: Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th March
Cost: £270
Location: Cowdray Hall and Therapy Rooms
Times: Saturday 9.30 am–5.00 pm, Sunday 10 am–4.30 pm

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The Healing InSight® Method is designed to free you from the emotional discomfort of subscribing to beliefs that do not serve you. If you believe that you are unworthy of love or success, or have a fear of failure and rejection because you are believing in your inadequacy, this effects your behaviours and makes you feel and experience vibrations of, for example,  ‘unloved’, or ‘unsuccessful’. This new paradigm shifting healing system utilises principles of energy healing to offer the potential to release resistance to positive change.

We all carry old programs and structures within the mental and emotional bodymind that we feel on a cellular level. The two day in-person or online training teaches you how to identify and work through your own programs in a conscious way. It gives you an understanding of how to optimally work with the method to achieve release, realignment and resonance with new potential and possibility. With use of the manifestation process, the course assists you to mop up any remaining resistance to the New that may reside in the head, heart or gut, leaving you a complete vibrational resonance with your preferred way of being.

When we free ourselves of limiting beliefs and release the vibration associated with the old thought form and belief structures, we feel emotional freedom. Belief work in this way can be seen as opening doors to a new potential for you to walk through and experience.

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