The Healing Insight

Cowdray Hall

The Healing Insight – Belief Change Method.

This two day weekend workshop takes place on Saturday 1st December and Sunday 2nd December, starting at 9.30am and finishing at 4pm.

Belief change is powerful and essential for our expansion. The Healing InSight Method taught in this two day nourishing and supportive training workshop, has the ability to transform.

Vibration matters and this self help tool offers you the possibility of raising your vibration, making you a vibrational match to the way of being that you desire.

Healing the limiting and painful beliefs of our inner-child is liberating. Join me to liberate yourself, at your own pace, paying attention to and developing your inner-tuition in the process.

Nikki Gresham is excited to share the possibility for healing, growth and transformation. All trainees receive a manual and belief booklet, plus ongoing support/access through the Healing InSight Facebook Group.

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