The Way of the Tortoise

After a number of challenging life changes in 2018, Klaus White found himself searching for a set of powerful habits that would slowly turn his life around.

Starting with small steps, he found the answer was adopting a set of powerful habits, and the key to it all was keeping a structured journal.

In 2019, The Way of the Tortoise was born, which led to the production of a philosophical and practical guide ‘A Journal to Happiness.’ It is easy-to-use and supports those who are going through their own challenges in life. To date, thousands of people have benefited from the wisdom and practical tools focussed on The Way of the Tortoise approach to long lasting change.

Cowdray’s Marketing Director Sarah Emburey will be talking to Klaus (@thewayofthetortoise) to find out more about journaling, how it might help you and the benefits it can have on your life.


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