Wellness and Yoga Day

Cowdray Hall

Wellness and Yoga Day

This Soulful Life is hosting a Wellness and Yoga Day on Sunday 13th January from 10am to 5pm.

On this January’s retreat, we will be cultivating positive energy for year ahead and gracefully closing the door on 2018. We will spend some time counting our blessings and giving thanks to the last year, setting some mindful true intentions then leaping into 2019. We invite you to think of a more loving and open future, giving calm to your mind, body, heart and soul letting go of anything that doesn’t serve you anymore.

For the day at Cowdray Hall, we will be focusing on our head space. Work on quieting the mind chatter and giving you tools that you can take home to use. You can recharge, relax, dream and let your mind wander. Through Mediation, Yoga, Breath-work, Journaling, Drawing, Reading, Sound Therapy and Wellness Workshops. We will/shall be exploring nurturing practices to guide you into feeling more peaceful, supported, open and clear. Food will be taken care of by our conscious chef using local and seasonal produce where possible, delivering vegan salads, soups and pie. With a wonderful vegan cake to top it off of course!

Join us for our Nurturing Day Retreat which we have lovingly created with you in mind, our aim is to ground and give pure perspective to our present and enhance our connection to ourselves giving us a better future. This retreat will bring you long-lasting effect of vitality, openness and inner peace into your being for weeks to follow.

This retreat is open to anyone seeking release and relaxation.

PRICE: £75

*20 places available


*9.30 Optional 30min Silent Run & Warm Up

10.00 Homemade Lemon, Ginger & Honey Tea with Vegan Banana Bread

10.30 Meditation, Pranayama Breath Practice & Gentle Hatha Yoga

12.00 Mindfulness Workshop

13.30 Vegan Lunch (using local and seasonal produce)

14.30 Drawing workshop with a display from This Floral Life

15.30 Vegan Cake Delivery

16.00 Sound Bath Immersion with Serenity Through Sound

17.00 Meditation & Farewell Gifting

(Schedule timings may change a little)

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