Yoga Nidra Evening with Louisa of Orenda Wellbeing

Cowdray Hall

‘Manifesting with the New Moon’ – a magical candlelit evening of Yoga Nidra and manifestation at Cowdray Hall.   

Join Louisa from Orenda Wellbeing to spend a relaxed evening creating a manifestation board (on paper using magazines and pens etc.) and relaxing into the powerful and deeply restful practice of Yoga Nidra to listen to your innermost, heartfelt dreams and desires.

Around the time of new moon is a particularly good time for setting your dreams in motion to manifest into reality.

Louisa will also channel a healing for all those who attend and send this healing energy out to the world as a Prayer for Peace.

Book via the Orenda Wellbeing website: (when booking, scroll down to find ‘Pay per Visit’ and choose RELAX & HEAL WITH YOGA NIDRA DROP IN LIVE AT COWDRAY HALL (picture of a candle in a shell!) or join online by booking RELAX & HEAL WITH YOGA NIDRA DROP IN ONLINE.)

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