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Yoga, Sounds and Soup

Cowdray Hall

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Join Claire for a mid-week treat specifically designed to replenish your mind and body.

During this rejuvenating event, we will tap into the powerful healing properties of restorative yoga. Postures are carefully chosen to support and balance all the systems of your body. Then we will lie down and engage in a unique healing and transformative 10-step process which unfolds within the sound bath. This includes holding an intention for our own personal well-being and inviting positive change into our life. Mostly we will be relaxing and absorbing the sounds produced.

During the sound bath, Claire will play a selection of instruments to produce different frequencies for the body to receive. Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, drumming, gongs, koshi chimes, and more will transport you to a state of deep relaxation and healing. The soothing vibrations of the sounds will resonate with every cell of your being, releasing tension, reducing stress, and promoting a sense of inner peace.

This combination of practices will provide you with a holistic experience that nurtures both your physical and mental well-being. We will finish with a nourishing bowl of homemade soup.

Due to the nature of sound traveling through the body, it is advised that those who have the following conditions should consult Claire first before attending:

    • Sound induced epilepsy
    • 1st trimester of pregnancy
    • Serious mental health illness and on medication
    • Metal joints
    • Heart problems: pacemaker, shunt, stent

Claire is a regular yoga teacher at Cowdray Hall and holds monthly well-being events. This event is limited to 12 people, so do book early. To book, please email Claire: clairenbest@hotmail.com and visit her website to find out more.

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