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The Tower Room

Viscountess Cowdray, an artist and sculptress herself, has overseen the refurbishment of the Tower Room into a magnificent Renaissance Art Studio. It is an amazing ancient hexagonal space, secreted away near the top of a romantic tower. Viscountess Cowdray is keen for others to share her passion for art.

Lady Cowdray at the Midhurst Ruins

Tower Room film

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David Cranswick

Artist In-Residence

David Cranswick

David trained at The Royal Academy of Arts in London between 1978 and 1981. Under the guidance of professor Keith Critchlow at the Princes School of Traditional Arts, David was, in 1999, awarded a PhD for his practical research into the materials and techniques of master painters of the renaissance period.

He attended master classes with the artist Cecil Collins, as well as serving as his personal apprentice until the artist’s death in 1989.

David is primarily a figurative painter, working in a classical manner, he is deeply influenced by the chiaroscuro techniques as practised by Italian and Dutch painters of the 16th and 17th centuries. He works primarily in portraiture, landscape and still-life. He receives regular commissions and exhibits in London as well as abroad.

Finding The Tower Room

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