Kefir at Cowdray

Susana & Daughter’s produce Kefir at Cowdray

Susana Perez’s quest to produce kefir in the most natural environment, with minimal food miles led her to the Cowdray Estate.  Susana & Daughters Kefir, produced using Cowdray milk, fits perfectly on the estate, renowned as a centre for wellbeing, where holistic and sustainable farming is practiced.  The idyllic combination of Cowdray’s dairy herd, a stable to kitchen conversion and Cowdray’s Farm Shop have enabled Susana to fulfil her kefir business vision.

In an era of understanding that a healthy gut leads to a healthy mind, this soul food is produced with minimal and purely natural transformation.   Milk is collected direct from the dairy, just a short distance from the kefir kitchen; following pasteurisation, nothing but the kefir culture is added and within 24 hours the milking parlour to shop floor process is complete.

Spanish born Susana Perez and her English born and raised daughters, are passionate about their product.  The business has been developed using only UK based suppliers and the production setting is key to ensuring clean country air, minimum mileage, an almost zero carbon footprint and no plastic as the product is presented in attractive glass bottles. Unlike many kefirs available in the UK, Susana’s kefir is pure.  Importantly no sugar, preservatives, additives or dried milk powder is added during the production and as the milk used is from one herd, it is not homogenized.

Kefir originated from the Caucasus Mountains, where milk was fermented in animal hides.  The product produced from the more agreeable modern process has been credited with a high nutrient and pro-biotic count, aiding gut health and digestion issues, alongside its antibacterial properties, aiding weight loss, lowering the risk of osteoporosis and alleviating allergy symptoms.  It is little wonder that the Turkish word ‘keyif’, from which kefir is derived means ‘feeling good’.

Susana and daughters Kefir is available to purchase from the Cowdray Farm Shop, a 500ml bottle costs £3.95

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