Kinesiologist Louise Penson, Dip.ASK, has joined our team of therapists at Cowdray.

Louise is committed to helping people regain their health and then support them on an ongoing basis to achieve enhanced physical and emotional wellbeing.

Kinesiology is a trusted complementary therapy that takes a ‘whole’ wellbeing approach. In addition to physical aspects, it also takes into account chemical factors (such as nutrition, food sensitivities and allergies), as well as emotional issues (such as stress, worry and grief), to help get to the bottom of many stubborn, long-term health issues.

“I wasn’t too sure about Kinesiology before my sessions with Louise. I had a few niggles/energy issues – was recommended to see Louise and decided to give it a try.  Both sessions were enlightening as Louise pinpointed and cleared the trouble-makers in such a calm, comfortable manner.  I can thoroughly recommend this ‘wellbeing’ approach. I wish I lived closer and would make it a more regular occurrence”.  Elizabeth F, Hertfordshire.

“I was skeptical about Kinesiology. After one session I had much less pain in my joints, and my posture was better. After the second session, I am walking more easily than I have for years, my digestion is improved and some irritating skin problems are clearing up! Bring on the next session! Thank you”. Margaret T, Petersfield.

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