Lily’s Kitchen Petfood

We stock Lily’s range of  natural and organic pet foods so that your pets can benefit from a really good natural diet.

They call their range of recipes ‘proper food’ because that is what their food looks and smells like. They make each recipe with wholesome, natural ingredients packed full of natural nourishment to keep your dog or cat in peak condition as well as build a strong immune system to fight disease.

Their products are unique in the world – they are the first company to produce and launch grain-free and meal-free foods. They only ever use 100% fresh meat in our recipes – no processed meat meals.

They are passionate about what they do and believe that a natural diet, full of real meat, vegetables and fruits will support your pet’s health.

Their wet foods are filled with raw, natural ingredients and then gently cooked to ensure they are safe and sterile.

Ask one of the team for details.

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