Lime tree felling

Members of Cowdray’s Woods Department felled a large forked lime tree last week as part of an ongoing safety management programme.

The tree, which was located opposite the Priory, was felled early in the morning on Friday 30th June.

The tree leaned towards the parking area so if the tree were to fall it would be highly likely that there would be damage to property and a significant risk that someone could get hurt.

Forest Manager Richard Everett said: “We have taken action to fell the large forked lime tree as soon as we realised that it was a safety hazard. Our team expertly carried out the felling early in the morning to ensure there was no risk to people or property.”

The tree was suffering advanced decay which was evident from the lack of foliage and the increasing number of dead branches. Despite earlier efforts to prolong its life, felling was the only remaining option.

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