Mindfulness Course

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course (MBSR)

Sandrine Cranswick is running an Autumn MBSR course at Cowdray Hall.

The MBSR course is based on the original program of Jon Kabat-Zinn PhD, with added elements of MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, co-developed by Professor Mark Williams of Oxford University).

This course is held in a safe and friendly environment, facilitated by Sandrine Cranswick, an experienced mindfulness teacher and practitioner.

Through experiential and theoretical training in mindfulness, participants will learn to bring greater clarity and awareness into all aspects of daily life. They will learn a range of mindfulness practices and lifelong skills enabling them to live life more fully, to interact with their experiences with greater awareness, stillness, compassion for oneself and others, resulting in more skillful responses to life’s challenges.

Scientific researchers have proven the benefits of practicing mindfulness including: stress reduction, coping better with physical pain and illnesses, better sleep, reduction of high blood pressure, strengthening the immune system, greater enjoyment and appreciation of life, increased awareness, clarity of mind and empathy.

One to one courses are available upon request, held in Cowdray Therapy rooms or home visits in and around Midhurst.

 “I would recommend mindfulness and this course to anyone suffering from stress or chronic pain”

“This 9 week introduction to mindfulness is truly, gently transformative. I would highly recommend Sandrine” Participant 2017

“Doing this course has made an enormous difference to me. Depression and anxiety have been melting away and been replaced with a new joy in life”. Participant 2016

“My body and mind feel uplifted, relaxed and calmer, making me much more able to cope with life’s stresses, to be a kinder, happier person to myself, those I love and others. Thank you Sandrine for changing my life.”Linda 2016

“I would highly recommend Sandrine’s mindfulness course. As a result of her own experience of many years of meditation practice, she teaches from a deep and still space, which is also reflected in her recordings of the body scan, sitting meditation and mindful movement.” Sarah K.2014

Dates: 10 October to 5 December on Tuesdays 7-9pm + all day on Saturday 25 November
Fee: £250 including all sessions, 5 recordings of guided mindfulness practices and a workbook

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