Thursday 3rd JanuarySeniors08.00-11.30
Friday 5th JanuarySaturday Morning07.30-11.30
Sunday 6th JanuaryMedal07.30-11.00
Tuesday 8th JanuaryLadies08.30-11.00
Wednesday 9th JanuarySociety10.30-12.00
Saturday 12th JanuarySaturday Morning07.30-11.30
Sunday 13th JanuaryCaptains Drive InShotgun Start 09.00
Tuesday 15th JanuaryLadies08.30-11.00
Wednesday 16th JanuarySociety09.30-11.00
Thursday 17th JanuarySeniors08.30-11.30
Saturday 19th JanuarySaturday Morning07.30-11.30
Thursday 20th JanuaryWinter Foursomes08.30-10.00
Friday 21st JanuaryWinter League10.00-11.00
Saturday 22nd JanuaryLadies08.30-11.00
Saturday 26th JanuarySaturday Morning07.30-11.30
Tuesday 29th JanuaryLadies08.30-11.00
Wednesday 30th JanuarySociety10.30-11.30
Saturday 2nd FebruarySaturday Morning07.30-11.30
Monday 4th FebruarySociety11.00-12.00
Tuesday 5th FebruaryLadies08.30-11.00
Thursday 7th FebruarySenior Stableford08.30-11.30
Saturday 9th FebruarySaturday Morning07.30-11.30
Monday 11th FebruaryWinter League10.00-11.00
Tuesday 12th February Ladies08.30-11.00
Thursday 14th FebruarySeniors09.00-10.00
Saturday 16th FebruarySaturday Morning07.30-11.30
Sunday 17th FebruaryOwen Cup08.30-11.00
Tuesday 19th FebruaryLadies08.30-11.00
Wednesday 20th FebruarySussex Life Fundraising EventShotgun Start 09.30
Thursday 21st FebruarySeniors08.30-11.30
Friday 22nd FebruarySociety09.30-10.30
Saturday 23rd FebruarySaturday Morning07.30-11.30
Sunday 24th FebruaryOwen Cup08.30-10.00
Tuesday 26th FebruaryLadies v SeniorsTwo tee start 09.00
Thursday 28th FebruarySeniors09.00-10.00

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