Winter newsletter

The 2016/17 Winter newsletter is now in circulation.

The wonderful photo on the front was taken by Chris Orange, a member at Cowdray Golf and a professional photographer. He was at Cowdray Heritage early on Remembrance Sunday. Co-incidentally the person in the foreground is Joanna who works on the Estate. She bumped into the photographer and was concerned she was going to spoil his shot. Little did she know that it would become one of the most beautiful photos ever taken of the Ruins and her appearance in it makes it even more special. The lead article in the newsletter focuses on Cowdray as a ‘Great Place to Stay’ with our newly refurbished holiday cottages at Benbow Pond and at the Lodge at Cowdray Golf. Other features include interviews with our new young farm tenants at Cocking Hill Farm and with Simon O’Leary and Benita Wright who have brought Hownhall Shooting to Cowdray. There is also a feature on a joint business venture at the Candle Factory at Lower Lodge and a round up of the 2016 Polo season.

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