Cocking Shoot "One of the most highly regarded pheasant shoots in England"

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The iconic Cocking Shoot has been included in the country’s top 10 shoots and is renowned for producing high birds in the spectacular setting of the South Downs.

about the shoot

a varied terrain

Cocking Shoot covers an area of approximately 3,500 acres on the southern part of the Cowdray Estate and includes four miles of the South Downs escarpment with its deep heavily wooded coombes that provide some of the best high pheasant shooting in England.

A family shoot

Cocking is primarily a family shoot however a number of double gun days are let throughout the season with a target bag of 400 birds.

The Shoot has eighteen drives and a let day will include some – but not all - of Cocking’s famous signature drives such as The Chalk Pit, The Bumps and The Triangle.

A family shoot

Meet the Team


Robin Ward-Sale

Robin was promoted from Under Keeper to Head Keeper in 2021 having worked at Cocking for ten years.

Robin’s career to date has always been based in Sussex.


Clive Fowler

Clive is engrained in the sporting industry having been both a Game Farmer and Keeper. He has hosted days at Cocking for over 20 years.


Phil Hoad

Phil is a Farm manager locally and has been driving the guns around on the Cocking shoot for fifteen years.

Cocking Shoot

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