Cowdray's Virtual Wellbeing Programme

Wellbeing is integral to Cowdray’s ethos and values and has been championed on the Estate for many years.  It is positively promoted throughout the Estate’s thriving and diverse businesses and is very much directed by Lord and Lady Cowdray’s advocacy of such lifestyle choices.

The programme includes a series of free events from live talks with inspirational speakers such as Colm Holland and Satish Kumar and informative ‘Talking Points’ by practicing therapists at Cowdray’s Therapy Rooms. Topics from therapists include nutritional therapy, clinical psychology, physiotherapy and osteopathy, to name a few.

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The Way of the Tortoise - A Journal to Happiness

After a number of challenging life changes in 2018, Klaus White found himself searching for a set of powerful habits that would slowly turn his life around.
Starting with small steps, he found the answer was adopting a set of powerful habits, and the key to it all was keeping a structured journal. In 2019, The Way of the Tortoise was born.

Cowdray Wellbeing

Recent Talks

Cowdray Wellbeing

Nutrition & Fitness

Nutritionist Nicola Russell speaks to Fitness Expert Gus Olds about his background in fitness and well-being as well as discussing the need for a holistic approach to being fit and healthy.

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Cowdray Wellbeing

Miracle of Sound and Music

Actress and photographic artist Koo Stark and award-winning, internationally acclaimed musician, composer and public speaker Tim Wheater share their experience of sound healing.

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Cowdray Wellbeing

Previous Releases

Summer Skin Protection

…With Wendy King.Dr Wendy King MBBS BMedSci FRCA is an NHS Consultant, who over the past few years has specialised in Aesthetic Medicine and Skin Health. Here she shares her 5 Top Tips on how best to look after your skin over the summer months.

Wendy runs The Lodsworth Clinic from Cowdray Therapy Rooms, where her focus is always on natural-looking results to help you look and feel, rested and refreshed. Offering injectable treatments alongside scientifically backed, results-driven skin care, her ethos is always ‘less is definitely more’.

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Asking For and Receiving Help

…With Kim Lovelace. Following on from Kim’s previous recording ‘An Introduction to Qigong’, this follow-up ‘class’ takes the form of a review of Simple WuQi Standing, followed by a movement called Raising One Hand.

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The Pelvic Floor

…With Becky Potts BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy; Women’s Health specialist Physiotherapist,
Co-founder and Director of Perfect Motion Physio discusses the pelvic floor and continence.

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Sarah Swan

Developing a healthier approach to Alcohol

…With Dr Sarah Swan (DClinPsy, AFBPsS, Chartered Psychologist).
Have you noticed an increase in your drinking? Want to know more about what can help? Here, Sarah helps you to understand how to monitor your alcohol consumption and gives some practical tips on how to change your drinking.

Sarah is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist with over 20 years experience working with people with a range of mental health and addiction problems. Sarah provides psychological therapy for adults at Cowdray as well as online, via Zoom. She also provides training and consultancy to organisations in relation to employee wellbeing.

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Conscious Working

…With Gret Batchelar. Mental health is on the rise and the global pandemic as a backdrop, Gret Batchelar’s programmes focus on raising awareness on the power of wellbeing, creating better connections (especially given remote working) and empowering employees to communicate with confidence.

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Pilgrimage for Peace

…With Satish Kumar, a former Jain monk and long-term peace and environment activist. During this talk, Satish discusses his new book ‘Pilgrimage for Peace: The Long Walk from India to Washington’ as well as taking the audience through a guided meditation and Q & A session.

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Vanda Scaravelli Inspired Yoga Class

… With Louisa Williams for her ‘Cowdray Morning Practice’ yoga session. This class is suitable for beginners as well as for those more experienced. It is designed as a morning practice, or for any time in your day when you wish to feel grounded and re-energised.

Louisa Williams is a regular yoga teacher at Cowdray Hall where she offers classes in Hatha yoga inspired by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli. She has a 500-hour teaching qualification and is passionate about helping students find ease, freedom and natural strength in their bodies.

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Hip & Knee Pain

…With Bill Potts, Chartered Physiotherapist BSc (Hons) MCSP. Bill discusses hip and knee pain among the active population, including ways in which to reduce such issues. Take seven minutes of your time to listen to Bill’s helpful, professional advice.

Bill uses his in-depth knowledge of movement dynamics to identify specific areas of weakness or mechanical dysfunction. He practices at Cowdray’s Therapy Rooms.

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Chair & Desk Yoga

…With Pauline Johnson. Have you been sitting for too long at your desk? Working long hours from a home office? Take time out from a busy schedule to join Pauline Johnson’s 20-minute yoga class. This is a short yoga session designed to take place either at your desk or at home on a chair to give yourself a screen break.

Pauline has been practicing yoga for 20 years. Her classes work with movement and breath, ease and flexibility of joints and spine, balance and harmony as well as strength and softness.

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Vitamin D & Gut Health

…With Nicola Russell, Nutritional Therapist. Nicola Russell discusses the importance of Vitamin D and why it is most widely known as the nutrient that aids calcium absorption to prevent rickets. Vitamin D is known as the ‘iceberg nutrient’ because, as the image of an iceberg suggests, deficiency could be causing a myriad of problems underneath the surface.

Nutritional Therapy could be the key to improving your health and well-being. Consultations with Nicola include reviewing your health history, reviewing your diet and lifestyle, assessing nutritional status and functional testing where relevant.

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Managing Stress & Change

…With Jo Glynn-Smith. Ways to manage stress and change in today’s uncertain environment.

Cowdray’s Sarah Emburey in conversation with Jo Glynn-Smith.

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Iyengar Yoga Class

…With Claire Best. This Iyengar Yoga class for beginners is a great introduction to the basic standing postures in yoga. Iyengar Yoga places an emphasis on the alignment & precision of the body in the postures and directs the mind towards a focused, tranquil state.

Claire Best teaches a weekly yoga class at Cowdray Hall on Tuesdays & Fridays. Having taught yoga for over 20 years, she has a particular interest in the therapeutic qualities a sequence of postures can have on the mind & body.

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An introduction to Qigong...

With Kim Lovelace. Join Shiatsu and Qigong Practitioner Kim Lovelace, as he hosts a 12-minute Talking Point called ‘A Brief Introduction to Qigong’. This is a guided meditation using Qigong imagery.

Kim has been practicing Qigong for over 30 years, discovering its benefits whilst training as a Shiatsu practitioner. Kim has a close affinity to Cowdray offering Shiatsu from the Therapy Rooms and running Qigong classes at Cowdray Hall since 2014.

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An insight into Osteopathy...

With Tom Nottingham M.Ost ND DO. Feeling stiff from sitting too much? Too much slouching in front of a desk? Here, Osteopath Tom Nottingham’s 15-minute Talking Point video provides essential tips on how to look after your posture while working from home.

Tom is a fully qualified osteopath who has worked with elite sportsmen and women. In this video he addresses myths and misconceptions about posture as well as showing how to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle.

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A mindful movement break...

With Chandni Narvekar. This is a 20-minute practice – but even just 10 minutes will take you on a short and simple journey to move, breathe and feel better.

Now more than ever it is important to take a few moments from your busy day to stop and focus on wellbeing. Chandni Narvekar is a Yoga Alliance certified Experienced Yoga Teacher and Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist.

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Baptiste Power Yoga...

With Liv Luckas. During this class, Liv will challenge you sympathetically, help to transform your body and make you stronger – all whilst having fun.

Liv was inspired to train as an instructor at The House of Yoga, London and now teaches this dynamic and energetic yoga in the style of Baptiste.

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Supporting your child...

Through the Pandemic with Dr. Louisa McClean (BSc, DClinPsy).

Louisa can provide therapy for a range of emotional and behavioural issues, including coping with health conditions and neurodevelopment disorders. She also provides supervision, consultation and training to schools and nurseries.

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The Secret of the Alchemist...

With Colm Holland. Colm is a writer, mentor, speaker, alchemy trainer and adventurer.

For the last 50 years he has been on his alchemist journey and is learning something new every day about how Love can turn the ordinary in our lives into gold.

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