Bear Grylls Survival Academy

Adult, Family and Wild Camp survival courses

Outdoor Adventure

Family Survival Course

The family course is designed to inspire fathers, sons, mothers and daughters alike. The 24-hour outdoor adventure will be delivered by a range of Bear’s hand-picked instructors teaching a range of techniques.

This course is limited to 16 students (eight pairs).

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Teaching life-saving skills

Adult Survival Course

The Adult course is an intense 24-hour survival experience teaching life-saving skills and attitudes such as resourcefulness and calm under pressure. Students have no tent, and limited water and food rations so the pressure is on to source food and water locally from streams and pools. This course is limited to 16 adult participants, who must be physically fit and active.

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18 Hour Course

Wild Camp Survival

You’ll learn to catch what you eat by identifying animal runs and laying traps, handling and preparing wild game such as fish and rabbits, and foraging for edible food. By night, using astro navigation techniques and employing night vision goggles, you’ll make your way through the unforgiving woodland terrain, developing your skills in the art of wilderness stalking while learning how to protect yourself from attack.
This course is limited to 16 adult participants, who must be physically fit and active.

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Team Building

If you are looking for a unique outdoor survival experience for your team, your family or friends then please get in touch to collaborate with us and the Bear Grylls Survival Academy to design an event to satisfy your needs and interests.

Together, we can curate the perfect mixture of adventure, exploration, discovery, learning and excitement. With plenty of outdoor space here on the estate we can offer fun team building days undertaking a range of survival themed challenges, we'll combine them in a package tailored just for your group.

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16 spaces per course

The 2018 Course Dates

24hr Family Course Dates24hr Adult Course Dates 18hr Wild Camp Survival Course Dates
4th - 5th August15th - 16th September FULLY BOOKED
11th - 12th August22nd - 23rd September
18th - 19th August FULLY BOOKED
25th - 26th August FULLY BOOKED

Comment from

Bear Grylls

'I am super excited our Survival Academy is running at Cowdray. The courses on the estate are designed to be both challenging and empowering. They require courage, determination, positivity and a 'never give up' attitude.

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