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Meet Cowdray farms Manager

David Ullyott

Meet David, who has headed up the Cowdray Farms team since June 2019...' I don’t use the machinery anymore, but drilling used to worry me… if you got it wrong you’d have to look at it for a whole year!'



The dairy herd consists of predominantly autumn calving Holstein cows. We have a new parlour at Moor Farm which milks 290 cows in about two and a half hours. Whilst most of our milk is supplied to Marks and Spencer as one of their select farms, we also supply a smaller amount to Muller, especially in the Autumn.




We grow potatoes, wheat, oilseed rape, Lucerne grass and maize at Cowdray Home Farm. Our potatoes are grown for crisps and wheat is both used to feed the cows and sold on the open market

Cowdray farms


Herefords and Sussex Beef are reared at our Home Farm and supplied into the Farm Shop to sell on the butchery counter.

Cowdray farms
Cowdray farms

Cowdray Home Farm

Farming Policy and Sustainability Plan

Our farming policy is to operate in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner with core objectives.

  • Improving soil structure and health
  • Reducing fuel consumption by way of minimum tillage establishment of arable crops
  • Actively avoiding the use of perceived harmful chemicals
  • Balancing the use of fertilisers and other inputs against their environmental credentials
  • Achieving the highest possible standards of animal welfare
  • Restricting the use of antibiotics to a proven need basis only
  • The maximisation of home grown animal feed crops produced on Cowdray land

We have a strong sustainability plan, ensuring that we farm responsibly. We take great care of our soil health, animal welfare and crop management whilst monitoring cow lameness, cow condition, pesticide usage and antibiotic usage regularly.

Cowdray Home Farm

European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development - Mzuri Pro-til4 Strip Till Drill

The project involves the purchase of four metre drill which is capable of establishing crops in a single operation. In so doing the costs of establishment are significantly reduced, many of the micro organisms in the soil are retained and there is much less release of soil carbons.

It is part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development Europe investing rural areas.

Contact our Farm office : 01730 812089

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