Holistic Estate
which cares about the land

Holistic Estate
which cares about the land

Holistic Estate
which cares about the land

Holistic Estate
which cares about the land

Farms Manager

David Ullyott

Meet David, who has headed up the Cowdray Farms team since June 2019. 


Le Chameau

Cowdray is delighted to announce a partnership agreement with Le Chameau, the leading luxury boot brand.

Guests staying at Cowdray House can enjoy stepping out in Le Chameau’s iconic leather lined Chasseur boots.

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Cowdray Home Farm

Moor Farm is the hub of Cowdray's farming activity and from where the Estate's dairy, arable and livestock operations are managed. The Farm's policy is to operate in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner.

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Woods sawmill

High quality timber from

Cowdray Woods

Cowdray has three times the national average of woodland with over 36% of the 16,500 acre Estate dedicated to growing mainly conifers, broadleaf high forest and chestnut coppice. Our objective is to produce high quality timber whilst also providing benefits for wildlife.

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Jason Griffin

Cowdray Deer Manager

Deer on the Estate are naturally managed by Jason Griffin. If left at unsustainable numbers, the local Fallow and Roe deer are detrimental to many of the enterprises across the Estate. The forequarters are more likely to be used for burgers or the very popular Cowdray venison sausages. All joints can be prepared to order from the butchery at the Cowdray Farm Shop.

Jason Griffin Deer Manager

Property Maintenance

Works Department

Cowdray has its own building and maintenance department which refurbishes and maintains many of the properties on the Estate. Recent projects have included the refurbishment of our Holiday Cottages at Benbow Pond and new luxurious ensuite bedrooms at Cowdray House.

Keeping the Estate Tidy

Parks & Gardens

We take care to ensure the public areas of the Estate are presentable and well maintained. Our Parks and Gardens team manage this activity. Recent projects have included the renovation of the HaHa which runs alongside the A272. This work has opened up the view across to Midhurst.

Film Made in Chelsea

A variety of locations for

Filming and stills

Cowdray Estate has a wide range of locations for filming and stills. From the magnificent Cowdray House, with its stunning gardens, to a recently vacated Primary School. Cowdray Heritage offers picturesque ruins, a vaulted wine cellar and a Tudor kitchen. The disused Cocking Limeworks and Chalk Quarry are set against the backdrop of the South Downs and are a popular location.

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