Celebrating Earth Day

We appreciate the environment is hugely important to all at Cowdray Wellbeing and we would like you to join us in celebrating Earth Day 2024 on Monday 22nd April, which this year will be focussing on ‘Planet vs Plastics’.

At Cowdray, looking after the land, protecting the environment and implementing sustainable polices is central to the Estate.  To celebrate Earth Day, we’d like to introduce you to one of Cowdray’s newly launched initiatives: Sheep Wool Compost.

Naturally peat-free sheep wool compost is made from a blend of sheep wool, conservation grass cuttings and bark peelings – all of which are sourced from the Estate. The blend is designed to use by-products which would normally be sold, instead reusing them to create an environmentally friendly product. The compost is available to buy from the Cowdray Farm Shop so the public can also benefit from this scheme.

The compost comprises of wool from a New Zealand Romney herd, managed by Laura and Andy Hodgkins, which graze on Cowdray’s land on the South Downs. Sheep wool is naturally nutrient dense and is excellent for improving soil structure and dealing with water retention. It also includes grass cuttings from taken from verges and public areas where the Estate is trying to promote wildflower growth.

The compost also includes bark peelings which is a by-product from coppice work in the woodlands across the Estate. The bark is peeled off in the production of a range of local, sustainable products such as fencing. The bark peelings are rich in carbon, a vital element of a good compost.

These products are blended, turned and monitored to ensure the compost is sanitised and of the highest quality. The compost is created on the Estate and is available from the Cowdray Farm Shop.

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