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Between Sky & Earth – Qigong at Cowdray Hall

Cowdray Hall

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In traditional Chinese and Japanese cultures springtime is dominated by the Wood Element. Wood manifests as the upward and expanding movement of Qi seen in the reawakening of plants and germination of seeds. This energetic movement also manifests in our own Qi as we emerge from an albeit not particularly cold, but excessively damp winter.

Paths feature strongly in the Qi-fulness of Spring. It’s the best time to check out where our Life Path might lead. Wood’s yin energy enables taking the long view, whilst the yang energy helps us make moment to moment decisions as we travel our individual paths.

Join me in a morning of Qigong practice. These sessions are designed for all levels of experience from complete beginner, novice and on to more experienced. The ethos in every class is relaxed effort, if you can’t smile you’re trying to hard!

To book tickets please email: ShiatsuKim@gmail.com


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