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Open Kitchen at Cowdray Ruins

Cowdray Ruins

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Visit the Tudor Kitchen on Saturday the 17th and Sunday 18th of June as the kitchens are at the centre of some cutting-edge research into the lives and experiences of working women in the 18th century.

A small group of volunteer researchers are helping PhD student Charlotte to discover what the day-to-day lived experiences of 18th century working women were, in relation to their clothing. What did it feel like to get up every day, and go about your business, in the clothes of the time? What were the practicalities of 18th century women’s dress?

The group will be working in the kitchens, in full, accurately recreated 18th century clothing. They will be preparing a variety of food items to original recipes, using the labour-intensive techniques and equipment of the time.

In this way, they hope to gain knowledge and understanding of 18th century women’s lives via practical experience, something which cannot be achieved from traditional historical sources.

This is a new and exciting approach to historical research. Please feel free to ask the group about their work, their food, and their clothes. They will be very happy to share!

Please note due to the nature of this event the kitchen will not be an allergy free zone. 

See our FAQs here.

Members of the research group in working women’s clothing at Berrington Hall, Herefordshire (Photo, C. Evans)

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