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Soulful Sunday

Cowdray Hall

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Embark on a half-day workshop that seamlessly blends ancient rituals, invigorating Kundalini yoga practices from Roxy Ayling, and soulful somatic journeying by Sarah Giddings. Through this carefully woven experience, you will be transported to a profound state of intimacy with your entire being, embracing the essence of who you truly are, while honing the skill of deep listening.

Sarah, an experienced co-leader of international Personal Purpose Discovery Programs, meditation groups, and 1:1 coaching, will also offer her expertise in guiding UK vision quest rides of passage, further enriching this transformative experience.

Savour fresh juices and light refreshments as you immerse yourself in this extraordinary journey of self-discovery.

Roxy and Sarah are eagerly looking forward to sharing this profound and enlightening experience with you. Don’t miss this opportunity to delve into the inner realms of your being and connect with the deepest facets of your soul. Find out more and book here.

Price: £60

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