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‘Summer Solstice Journey’ Shamanic workshop

Cowdray Hall

Join Shamanic Practitioner Nigel Bird as he takes you on a journey into the lower, middle and upper worlds with an exciting day of midsummer discoveries, drumming insights and energy work! Come together and celebrate Midsummer Solstice as a community at Cowdray Hall and join this beautiful day to explore our natural selves. Bring your drum, meet new friends and other like minded souls!

This amazing day includes:

* Aura cleansing
* Working with the drum and sound
* Ancient fire ceremony with intention setting
* Journey to meet your spirit animal guide
* Personal Path discovery
* Our now famous delicious home cooked macaroni cheese lunch and wild garlic bread!
* Element energy and movement
* How to work with tree spirits
* Earth healing

Refreshments included

We welcome your own: Personal Drums and rattles, Talismans and crystals,

To book contact lauraseasonalyoga@gmail.com

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is all about working with nature in the lower, middle and upper worlds. Utilising the energy field that pervades all things in a way that disregards linear time, we seek to regain information and insight. Harnessing the ability to span time, to gain meaning to our spirits and heart’s purpose.

As a boy, Nigel spent a great deal of time in the heart of the forests around his home learning the language of the trees, the animals and the earth itself. Having studied Shamanism for most of his life he now runs workshops across the country, teaching in a way that is simple and relevant to todays world.

He explains:

‘Its time to return to nature. Nature is communicating with us on many levels in a very real way, on both a physical level and a cellular level. The energy emanating from all things and originating from the light of the sun, is available for us to work with.

We ask for blessings by the energy of the four directions, the great spirit, and mother earth; using natural relaxation methods, drumming and journeying, where you may meet your power animals who could give you inspirations and insight into many aspects of your life, both this life, past lives and even future lives’.


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