In Conversation with Susie Evans, Wedding Planner

Susie Evans talks to Matilda Reid about what inspired her to become a wedding planner and why she loves working at Cowdray House. Susie also gives couples her advice on planning their big day and explains why it is well worth enlisting the services of a wedding planner.

Gemma & Sam, who were married earlier this year in a magnificent wedding at Cowdray House, with their Wedding Planner, Susie Evans. Photography by Kate Nielson.

  1. What inspired you to be a wedding planner?

Initially I started up a venue styling business before training to be a wedding planner. I was inspired to work as a wedding planner as I absolutely love working with couples and delivering their dreams! I also have a background in events so the two work together perfectly.

2. What do you particularly like about Cowdray House as a wedding venue?

Cowdray House is one of my favourite venues. It is very special creating a home for a weekend for the couple and their closest friends and family. The House itself feels exclusive as well as relaxed.

3. What is your favourite aspect of planning a wedding at Cowdray House?

The flexibility and allowing you to tailor make your time at Cowdray from the moment you arrive to when you leave.

4. Do you have any top tips for couples planning their wedding?

Be realistic. Think about what is important to you both. Don’t do something just because every wedding you have been too has done it. Set your budgets whilst working on your priorities.

5. What are the benefits of having a wedding planner?

So many of course! Most couples have never had to plan a lifetime event before, so it is all new. Working with an experienced planner will help guide you through the planning journey whilst working with your budget to find the perfect suppliers.

We save you valuable time and maximise your budget in the best possible way as well as work on all the logistics in the lead up to and on the day itself.

6. How long does it typically take to plan a wedding?

Anything from a few weeks up to around 12 months typically. I have been known to plan a full wedding within two weeks before!

7. How much are you directly involved in the couple’s weddings on the actual day, and do you work with trusted suppliers?

I work with most of my couples from the outset, so we work very closely together. I have many trusted suppliers I work with that are tried and tested as they say but I am not tied to anyone. Something I feel quite passionate about is that I do not charge commission to any suppliers. This is often a hidden fee that is not disclosed to you so when working with me, you know we are working with a supplier because they are the best suited to you and I am not receiving any commission from them.

8. How do the different seasons influence a wedding? Do you have a favourite time of year to plan a wedding?

It will be about the look, feel, taste as well as smell. From seasonal flowers to seasonal tasting menus can have a huge influence on the overall style of the day and enhance the guest experience. Cowdray House calls out for a winter wedding, such a romantic setting with the warm, rich tones in Buck Hall. I love the gardens at Cowdray House for the summer weddings.

9. And what are the new trends in weddings?

Not so much a trend as I am not one to follow ‘trends’ but I am finding couples are really wanting to enhance and elevate their guest experience. Whether that be curating a fabulous weekend wedding or adding different elements to the actual wedding day. Ideas such as interactive food stations and taking your guests on a journey away from the traditional format of a wedding day.

Want to find out more about your wedding day at Cowdray House? Discover Cowdray House here. To find out more about Susie Evans, visit her website here.

Written by Matilda Reid.

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