Life on the Estate: March


For the first time in over a decade a team from Parks and Gardens, Farming and Forestry have been laying hedges on the Estate. Hedge laying is an ancient rural craft which rejuvenates an aging hedge by cutting almost all of the way through the stem and laying the hedge over. This stimulates new growth and prevents the hedge from becoming too tall and thin. Alongside ponds, hedges are one of the most important habitats in the landscape.


Tree planting is also in full flow in March on the Estate. Parks and Gardens have been carrying out winter maintenance to the apple trees across the Estate and this includes planting 10 new fruit trees, three of which are at Ambersham House, the newly renovated cottage to add to the expanding Cowdray Collection holiday portfolio.

The Forestry team have been busy planting Douglas Fir, Norway Spruce and mixed native broadleaf trees. Each year the team plant approximately 50,000 trees by hand which is a big job. Staff across the Estate have also helped play a part in the parkland restoration plans. One morning in March they helped plant a range of native broadleaf trees including oak, hornbeam and rowan. The trees can be seen from the A272 at Moor Farm and who knows, maybe the next Queen Elizabeth Oak has been planted!







This month, the Cowdray Estate also hosted children from Midhurst Rother College and a school from inner city Portsmouth. It is important to get children onto farms to understand where their food comes from and what modern day farming involves. Many of the children from Portsmouth had never been to the countryside let alone a farm, so it was a real opportunity to make a lasting impression.

A Spring menu has also been launched in the Farm Shop Cafe with customers being able to choose their main from a selection of meats as well as vegetarian and fish option. Customers can then add their choice of sides including the usual triple cooked chips but also healthier options such as tandoori roasted vegetables and a honey, garlic and chili broccoli salad. The breakfast menu has also been changed with the usual morning favourites alongside new additions such as Eggs Benedict and Turkish eggs. Come and visit us this April and hopefully enjoy soaking up the Spring sunshine at the same time.

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